mobile-recharge Mobile Recharge

The telecom industry in India is growing at breakneck speed, and the majority of the growth is contributed by the wireless or mobile segment.

As per the TRAI latest release India is having 91 Cr Telecom Subscribers out of 88 Cr are Mobile Subscribers. What is even more interesting is that a majority of the wireless connections, almost 95% of them are prepaid. We provide 16 mobile operators servers.

Mobile recharge is fastest growing online business of India because of more than 80 cr. Users and 97% users are using prepaid connection. Because of high user density and good margin mobile recharge has become fastest growing business. Lots of entrepreneurs are investing in mobile recharge and travelling business.

DTH Recharge

Talking of DTH, though the numbers of players in this sector are few, they are also reportedly expanding at 50-60%. India's TV viewership is believed to be the second highest in the world and is expected to swell up to 5 – 6 Cr by the end of 2012. The installed base of DTH is very small compared to this number. So, this space also remains mostly untapped and could offer a big opportunity. We provide 6 DTH network servers.

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